Inspirational International Conference Speaker

Oke Eleazu is a successful and in demand business speaker, who utilises his experiences from over twenty five years to excite and engage his audience. Equally comfortable delivering keynote speeches on a worldwide stage, or providing bespoke and interactive corporate programmes. Oke is passionate about great customer service, and inspires his audience to feel passionately about customers too.

He is fired up and ready to go!

What stuff does he talk about?


Oke talks about the different elements required to build a world class customer experience strategy covering vision, people, customer insight, process management and leadership.


At the core of all great service organisations are engaged and aligned colleagues. Oke talks about how service leadership creates the right environment in which a customer centric culture can thrive.


The ability to fix customer issues and problems is fundamental in creating great service experience. This can only happen when colleagues understand what they do, and why they do it. Oke talks about how to create this empowered culture.


It is impossible to deliver great service to your customers unless you understand the things that will make them happy. Oke talks through case studies of understanding the customer drivers and the various mechanisms for collating customer data and using it throughout the organisation.


The world is moving faster than ever before, innovation around customer experience is constant. Customers judge organisations across competitors and across boundaries. Oke talks about the latest innovations in customer experience.


In a digital world there can be no gap between what organisations say they do and what they deliver. Oke speaks about how to manage and leverage customer experience in this digital age.

Here’s what they say….

Lucinda, on Service Leadership Programme @ L&Q, February 2016

“Many senior leaders talked about the positive impact of the Service Leadership Programme and for those who
have already begun to cascade this out to the managers they manage, it is clear that these are inspirational
leadership sessions. This is work in progress and perhaps most needed at middle management levels, who are
so critical to the efficient workings of a values-led business”.

Ross @ Housemark, February 2016

“Oke brings verve to public speaking and facilitation. He stimulates challenge and creativity and makes executives feel confident and motivated. Simultaneously and unobtrusively he brings his vast knowledge of business into the discussion. He meticulously researches each assignment which ensures that he is empathetic and well prepared. His charisma does the rest. He is, without question, the best business planning facilitator our company has ever worked with”.

Karen @ Consultation Institute, Nov 2014

“Oke Eleazu is one of the most entertaining and motivating speakers we have encountered. In the eleven years of the Consultation Institute, we have probably used over 600 different speakers for our Seminars, Roundtables and Conferences. Very few have had the impact that Oke achieved. This is not surprising. His commanding presence and undisputed knowledge of the subject shines through. For us, this will be really important as more and more organisations recognise the need for customer consultation as a key part of building effective customer experience management. I can think of few people better qualified to help leading-edge Companies towards such new ideas and innovative approaches and we look forward to working with Oke on this exciting agenda”.

Nick @ IQPC, for Customer Experience Exchange for Retail, June 2014

“Oke has spoken at a number of our Exchanges now and is always an excellent addition to the agenda. Engaging, funny, informative, Oke’s presentations are the perfect blend of what a keynote should be and have certainly set the bar high for many of our presenters at the Exchanges. Oke’s words have inspired our delegates to share ideas and obtain new insights. A true gem both professionally and socially, I look forward to working with Oke again in the future”.

Katie @ WMH, for West Midlands Housing bespoke event, Sept 2014

“Just wanted to follow up with you from Monday’s session, had some really great verbal feedback from colleagues that attended and your session was very thought provoking and inspiring – highly recommended! Thanks again.”

Karina @ Standard Life, for in house marketing event, Sept 2014

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and providing such amazing feedback! I am pleased with the conference and our people have been demonstrating such enthusiasm.

The feedback from your presentation has been fantastic and really impressive! Thanks again for sharing such valuable and interesting insight and being so authentic :)”.

Andrea @ Housemark, for Digital Marketing Event, July 2014

“I think your closing session was a perfect end to an excellent day, and hope you felt how the room was hooked into your views presented”.

“You were getting alot of love on the twitter, so thanks for being such a great inspirational speaker once again”.

Judi @ Amlin, for Client Workshop event, Sept 2014

“Thanks for your time on Friday, it was great to meet you, we have had some great feedback from the attendees, specifically how they found it interesting and informative.”


14th - 15th April 2016, International Customer Experience Management Summit, Rome.

The 5th International Conference promoting Customer Service Excellence to European delegates. Oke chairs this prestigious event, and aims to ensure that all delegates go home feeling stimulated and empowered to make change happen in their own organisation.

16 - 17 June 2016, Excellence in Contact Centre and Customer Interaction Summit, Madrid.

Oke is chairing this summit, designed to pull together some of the very latest thinking in contact centre development. See www.kpmorgan.com