Be a happy egg!

We know that customers are the most important attribute that any organisation has. Ignore them at your peril – unfortunately many do! We believe that delivery of superior customer experience gives a competitive advantage, but it needs laser sharp focus and significant commitment to creating the right culture. We help organisations create the environment in which a truly customer centric culture can grow and flourish.

VOICE: Our view of the anatomy of a world class customer experience strategy


WHAT do you want to be for your customers? WHY do you want to be that? This is about the purpose of the business, and what colleagues believe and need to buy in to. It needs to be genuine and real, emotional and beyond financials. HOW is the organisation going to achieve the vision? What attributes will it demonstrate consistently to deliver? What commitments could it openly make to it’s customers on how it will ‘be’?

Operational Excellence

WHAT operational performance standards underpin the delivery of the vision? Are they the right metrics, driving the right behaviour? Are they stretching enough? How consistently are they delivered? This is about detail. This is about the consistent delivery of the core offering. Are you running a good operation, doing the basics brilliantly and consistently. Remember – ‘You can’t put lipstick on a pig!’

Improvement Culture

HOW is the organisation set up to ‘keep getting better’? How does the organisation understand each of it’s customer journeys and customer touch points? How does customer data flow through the organisation, and how is it used to prioritise and execute improvements? What is the governance around improvement and change, and how is it aligned to the overall vision?


WHO are your customers? How well do you know them? What are their expectations of your brand, both explicit and implicit? What are their drivers of satisfaction and recommendation? How well are you measuring how you are doing against these expectations, using the output metrics but also the inputs too? How are these measures used to drive improvements for customers?


HOW engaged are your colleagues with the service mission? How is this communicated to them and can they easily link the everyday performance of their role to the achievement of the overall mission? How clear are colleagues of what is expected of them? How is this ‘hard wired’ into their performance management? How do you ensure you hire the right people? How do you make sure the leadership is right, from top to bottom, and consistent?